Frequently Asked Questions

Payment - How it Works.

Casualstar does not have a built-in payment system, if we did we would have to pass on the ossociated fees and charges to our users. To collect payment for any services or content, you must speak with the person requesting your content and direct them to first make payment to your Paypal or other payment method account. You then need to check the relevant account, and confirm receipt of the payment BEFORE granting any content or service.

Sending Videos & Images

In the event you need to send files such as videos or images, we recommend that you send it via email to the recipient, using an email address separate to your personal one and dedicated to your findom services.

I’m not from the UK is it worth me still joining

Yes, absolutely. is a global brand and has various users worldwide.

How to remove my profile picture?

Navigate to your “Settings” page located in your menu header bar at the top of each page. Once on the page identify and click the “Remove Photo” button near the top of the page, to remove profile page.

How do I accept all currencies?

To accept any currency from anywhere in the world, simply leave your currency select function blank, which is located at the top of your services page.

How to add images to Private Gallery?

First you need to navigate to your "Services" page located in the header menu.Secondly you add your currency type you wish to accept. Then click the "All Services" tab to drop down the options of services. You then find the "Private gallery" service and enter your fee amount and time period variable from the drop list. After doing so you then click "Add" to add the service to your profile page. At this point your private gallery upload button will then be activated and ready for uploads.

How do I verify my account?

Navigate to your “Verification” page then follow the steps outlined within the page. The verification process will normally take up to 3 working days to be reviewed and verified.

How do I add my payment details?

Navigate to your Casualstar “Account Details” page where you can easily complete your extensions of one or both payment methods, options being and For example if your you would only need to enter “QueenAlice” and then click the tick button to activate your blue PAY ME button on your profile page.

How do I change my password?

Navigate to your “Settings” page located in your menu header bar at the top of each page. Identify the update “Change password” area where you can then change your password.

How do I update my email address?

Navigate to your “Settings” page located in your menu header bar at the top of each page. Once on the page identify the “Update Contact Details” area where you can then update your email address.

How do I update my location?

Navigate to you profile page, from there you will be able to see your current location displayed below your profile image. Click on your current location to change it as desired.

Can I add my own unique service to offer on my profile?

Yes; at the bottom of the services table are 2 sections where you can add your own unique service name and service variable, after which it is added to your profile page as normal.

How do I change my username?

To have your username changed please contact the Casualstar admin team, via the contact form on the contact page or by emailing

Why can I not reply to a conversation in my messages?

This happens when the conversation has been deleted by the other person, preventing you from sending them any more messages, until they have sent you a new one. This is a technical issue and we are working to fix the problem. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

If I report another user will they know it was me?

In most cases we will not reveal your identity and will treat your reports with confidentiality. There may be some instances where it is necessary to reveal your identity to the accused. However this will not be done without notifying you first.

If I add a user to my favourites, will they be notified?

No, this is only for you to know, so the user you add will not find out.

Why is my profile photo not displaying?

If you uploaded a photo when you registered and it is not displaying then try to re-upload it again from your profile page. If the problem continues please contact for further assistance.

Why cant I login to my account?

If you originally registered via Twitter or Facebook then you will only be able to login to your Casualstar account by using the network you first used.